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To the village that was killing boys.

I was a boy born fr om a mom that ran away from her village. She told me when I was young that her village was controlled by someone who killed a new born boys and it would not be possible for us to return there if I was to live.

We decided to settle in a little corner and start our own little village. But soon one of the person from her former village came and started to shout profanity that all boys need to die and that I should die. We tried to ignore this person since they did not have a weapon. But while we were already trying hard to build our little place and survive, these people stole our ropes and now knew wh ere we lived.

Afraid that they would come back to kill us, we decided to act first. We made two bows with what we had left and 3 arrows. The end of this murderous village was about to come. We grabbed our bows and I followed my mom to her place of birth.

When we arrived, we first killed the executioner that was carrying the knife. We then made quick work of anyone of age 15+ that was a threat to our life. It was the first time I killed people in this game. But this village killed so many boys that I couldn't let them continue on this terrible path. They had to die.

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Страницы: 1
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